It's the ambition of every business to get into the hearts and minds (and wallets and purses!) of every potential customer. Direct-to-consumer strategy thrills the business senses and, for the right industries or companies, generates the best profit margin.

But as you go further from your front door, to a far-flung market like North America, it inevitably becomes less cost-effective to directly market to consumers. In other words, “out of sight, out of mind”, and the greater the marketing investment needed to acquire and maintain consumer awareness, not to mention capture and process sales.

AW & Associates designs consumer marketing strategies that weigh these costs with benefits, maximizing your return on investment. Critically, our consumer strategies are integrated and aligned, incorporating cost-effective trade development and public relations with any consumer marketing that makes sense for your business.

the experience

The AW & Associates team delivers common-sense insights, services and solutions to implement consumer marketing activity in North America:

  • Customer Analysis
  • Brand Consultation & Design
  • Product Development Consultation
  • Web Design & Maintenance
  • Partner Relations
  • Event Planning & Support
  • Collateral Design & Production
  • Collateral Fulfillment

Would you like to discuss strategies to identify and market to your ideal North American customer? Just send an email and introduce yourself to us at: We look forward to our conversation with you.