They go by many names - seller, wholesaler, retail agent, consortium, etc - but none more important than “friend”.

At AW & Associates, our friendships are many and long-lasting, and across every distribution channel, enriching both life and business.

The experience of the AW & Associates team is as deep as our friendships. We've developed and implemented strategic sales & marketing plans and managed partnerships across every distribution channel. Our approach to sales, our formula for your success, is strategic and concise:

the strategy

We evaluate your product or destination to define your ideal customer, we identify where your current and potential customers are buying their travel, and we develop a marketing plan that focuses on the sellers or distribution channels that provide the access and incremental revenue from your ideal customer base.

We set targets based on the key performance indicators used by different sectors of the travel industry - market share, visitor arrivals, dispersal, room nights, etc - and we emphasize the result that matters most: profit & economic impact.

the services

AW & Associates customizes cost-effective sales and distribution plans for each client. Your experience or destination is unique; your plan should be as well!

Among the ingredients that make a successful sales and distribution plan, and essential services that AW & Associates offer, are:

  • Strategic Counsel
  • Sales Reports & Analysis
  • Preferred Sales Agreement Negotiation & Consultation
  • Partner Relations & Representation
  • Training Onsite & Virtual
  • Trade Newspaper Design, Copy & Distribution
  • Trade Familiarizations Planning & Support
  • Collateral Design, Production & Distribution
  • Collateral Fulfillment
  • Loyalty Program Planning & Support

Would you like to talk with us to see how AW & Associates can maximize your revenue potential from North America? Just send an email and introduce yourself to us at: We look forward to our conversation with you.