The power of the pen, multiplied by the reach of modern media. It's the foundation of public relations. If only the strategy were so simple.

North Americans consume media in staggering proportions. Consider that there are 3,472 television stations and 20,109 radio stations across America, and 3,900 different newspapers and magazines to suit every location and interest. But there's no medium more ubiquitous in North America than the wondrous web, with 108 million sites to inform and entertain the American consumer.

How do you harness the power of modern media to inspire and invite your ideal customers?

AW & Associates public relations team have pounded the streets of Madison Avenue and amassed hefty rolodexes. In short, we're experienced. Our team has managed the message, executed the events, and launched advertising campaigns for travel companies and tourism organizations.

AW & Associates crafts a focused, cost-effective and measurable media relations plan designed specifically for your product or destination. Our services and our approach are practical and comprehensive:

the angle

We absorb and define the unique experience of your product or destination, align it with media interests and trends, and customize a fresh message - or story angle - to inspire an editor or journalist.

the pitch

We make sense of the many variables that affect the media pitch, and develop the best and most cost-effective plan to get your story into print. AW & Associates' services include:

  • Strategic Counsel
  • Media Relations
  • Media Newsletter Design, Copy & Distribution
  • Press Release Copy & Distribution
  • Press Kit Design, Copy & Production
  • Media Event Planning & Support
  • Visiting Journalist Planning & Support
  • Partner Relations

the web

It has fundamentally changed the way we live. It has altered how we consume and transact and, most critically, it has provided infinite access to information. It is common sense therefore that “search” has become the most common method for consumers to navigate the web.

Let AW & Associates provide the insights and expertise to ensure that your story finds its way to the web by optimizing your message for customer search.

Would you like to talk with us to see how AW & Associates can maximize your revenue potential from North America? Just send an email and introduce yourself to us at: We look forward to our conversation with you.